Thursday, 30 October 2014

Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches Life Saver Spray review

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So when a friend a few months back saw a tweet from Michael Van Clarke asking for people to review their products, she sent me the link, and I tweeted them saying I would be interested, as it was a brand I hadn't heard much about, and anything that promises to make my hair grow I am up for!!
So they said they would send me a product to try and give a review on, so this is it!
I decided to give it 8 weeks to see how it performs overall and if it did give any extra length.
Let me first tell you, my hair is not good, its soo dry due to medications that unfortunately I will be on for life, so it is just a matter of finding something to really help and nourish it. When i let my hair naturally dry omg it needs worked with my GHDs it goes all frizzy and has a life of its own, and to top it off I normally get a day out of a fresh wash, then I have to turn to my trusty dry shampoo for a day or two till i wash it again.
So they had a task on their hands!!
They decided to send me the Life Saver Spray, and on the site it states it is like magic in a bottle, and smoothes even the frizziest of hair! hhmmm this would be great if it does I thought!!

The packaging itself was gorgeous, really luxurious

It retails at £19.50 in the UK, and is a great 500ml size, and looking at what I have used it will last a good while!
I was advised to spray into hair and style as normal or leave to dry.
The consistency was very gloopy and it ran out of the sprayer rather than a spray, so I ended up putting it on my hand and running a comb through it and into my hair.
I decided to leave to dry to see if it had any good effect, and in all honesty I wasn't impressed by using it this way, so then I thought why don't i try it on wet just washed hair, and yep there was a noticeable difference!

When I dried my hair you can see from the picture below, it was pretty frizz free, so I was pleased with that outcome!

I think my ends are always going to be dry, but I honestly couldn't complain, as here in this pic, I hadn't touched it with straighteners yet!

The best thing I noticed with the product was that on my second day after wash, I would have always been reaching for the dry shampoo but I didn't need it, it was grand!! On my third day I definitely needed it, but anything that cuts a day out is great in my book.

In terms of the length aspect, I honestly don't think it helped or hindered it. I haven't seen any changes, so I don't know if i would purchase it if it wasn't helping the frizz!

Michael Van Clarke have a huge range of products, and it is definitely a brand that I would consider in the future, the only negative I found was the consistency, but as I found a way around this, it wouldn't be something that would put me off the product!

Excuse the dodgy eyes on the pic, i honestly don't know what was going on here!! I wanted to give you a pic of the top of the head, where i normally have a lot of breakage issues, but this definitely helped matters!!

So to finish off, I definitely recommend you guys having a look at his store site, as I honestly think that there will be something to help anyone's hair. In terms of whether overall I think it has helped, there is no doubt it has helped the condition, but unfortunately not the growth, but I would definitely purchase as a leave in conditioner, no doubt about it!

Hope you liked the review, any advice on using it, or if you guys have used it before, let me know in the comments section!

Lots of love
Ali x

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