Monday, 27 October 2014

Fab new candles I discovered!

Hey everyone!!
So my favourite thing about this time of year coming in, is that I can burn my candles and they give the house a gorgeous cosy feel. I must admit I have always liked the yankee candles, but they are so expensive to be burning regularly!
On my facebook there are always people advertising, wax tarts etc but i have always wondered how good they could be in comparison, and I have never bought any until now!!
I was in my local shopping centre on Saturday past and there were a few craft type stalls set up, so I dragged Scott over to see if there was any little bits of interest.
The stall that caught my eye was Meltz candles, a company from Castlerock in N.Ireland that specialise in homemade candles and little meltz for burners.
This stall is so cute and really showcases all of the products available.

There are so many scents available ranging from clean linen scents that evoke the memory of fresh linen in the breeze, right through to the deep cranberry spicy scents, so there really is something for everyones taste. Some of the scents include:
clean fresh
lemon fizz
cocnut and lemongrass
toasted marshmallow
black orchid
vanilla sugar
english pear and freesia

This is just a selection of what they have to offer. They offer the following:
Large candles £12
Small candles £7
3 pack gift set of your choice £22
Burners £5 (the teapot one is my next purchase, too cute!!
Wax melt bars, £3

As you can tell from some of the scents, they are based loosely on some of the most popular fragrances on the markets, and trust me these are amazing!!
I could have spent a fortune, but i decided to try the melt bars. These are so cute!

I bought the English pear and freesia along with the black orchid one, I could have stood all day chatting to Donna and sniffing everything, they were gorge!!

Donna is a lovely lady who set this company up as a hobby initially and it has grown greatly. She really knows what scents work, and I am sure you will agree her prices are fab in comparison to other high street and higher end candle and home fragrance companies.

So on to the burning!!
I decided to try the pear one as it would be a lighter scent and hubby isn't keen on very strong scents so I thought I would keep the black orchid for a day he is at work.
I wasn't sure how many little squares i should put in, ( i forgot to ask cause i was too busy sniffing) so i put 3 in, you get 12 in the little bar.

It took about 10 15 minutes for a smell to start around the room, but wow it was nice!!
I think when i burn it tomorrow i will do 4 or 5 little pieces, as i felt the smell was subtle and i would like it a little stronger.

Overall these are fab, and I know now I will be ordering more and it would definitely make me think twice about buying the higher end products.

I think its great to help small local businesses, and I wish Donna and her company every success in the future
p.s she posts so get your orders in for Xmas!!

Contact Donna at

Now I am off to watch the soaps and bask in the gorgeous smell of pear and freesia!

Lots of love
Ali xx


  1. I loveee candles now! I'm newly transformed :P however, I have found some duds around but they sound amazing! xx

  2. These really are gorgeous hun!! I am very particular about candles, so I was pleasantly surprised, I am definitley getting more on Saturday when she is in my local centre xx