Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Sorry for being M.I.A

Hi gorgeous peeps!!
I am so sorry there has been no posts for a couple of weeks, between sickness and birthdays and then more sickness, my blog unfortunately took a wee backseat.
I went through a rough patch with my Fybromyalgia and M.E, so i was pretty much bed bound for a few days, and had no interest in beauty products, ( i must have really been sick)
Then we had hubbys 30th surprise birthday party last weekend. What a crazy day, trying to keep a secret from him and lying to him was so hard, but i achieved it woohoo and it was a fab day!
We had a big bouncy castle which was a disco dome inside, and the big inflatable gladiator duel. We also had a cocktail slushy machine, so seeing Batman and a Top Gun hero bouncing on that was amusing!
If you read my post on plus size fancy dress, you will see that i had such a hard time picking something! In the end to compliment Scotts Batman, I got the mask and ears to go as catwoman, so i just wore black leggings, a longish black top and a whip( supposedly she wears this in the film lol) Scotts best friend from home flew over so that was fab to see his face, we had such a lovely 24 hrs together!

Then I took a bug, and trust me it wasnt pleasant. My immune system is shot to bits due to all the medication i am on cause of my epilepsy etc, so if you guys have any wee remedies to help build me up, they would be much appreciated.
So my little lady Harlequin kept me company!! For a cat she is such a loving animal!
So there it was my crazy couple of weeks, but back on track now and will be blogging about my new favourite foundation tomorrow!

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