Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Review of Bomb Cosmetics Berrylicious Shower Soap

Hey everyone!!!
Hope you are all having a fab wee Tuesday!
Today I am going to do a little review of a gorgeous product from Bomb Cosmetics
I was given this as a wee pressie from a friend, who has raved about it, so was very interested to try it!

I think you would all agree how cute is this!!!!

So according to my friend it would leave me nice and exfoliated and smelling fab, isnt that what we all want!

The first thing i noticed when i opened it was the crazy smell of berries, but it wasnt an artificial nasty smell, it was pure essential oil smells. Think of a big bowl of mixed berries and you have that in a soap!
It has spongey fingers ( rather amusing) that sit inside of the exfoliating soap, so i wondered how this would work out whilst using it.

So off i trotted into the shower all excited to try this out!
I soaked the sponge area and nearly instantly there was loads of lather which i love.
I must admit the smell did get a little overpowering when i got to near the end of my shower, and it did seem to linger a long time.
In terms of exfoliation, it did an ok but i have a lot of dry skin due to meds etc, so i really think for someone who has just normal to dryer skin this would work a treat

Overall I did like this product, and it was great to get a wee treat from a company i hadnt tried, so thanks to Gillian for that!
In terms of whether or not i would purchase i honestly dont know. I know i definitley wouldnt buy the same scent, but from having a browse on the site they have loads of other scents including:

Parma Violet
Reef Reviver
  Secret Garden
Tangerine Dream
I think the reef reviver and tangerine one sound fab, so i think i might have to treat myself to those soon!
If you are looking for a company who uses amazing oils etc then i would definitley have a look on this site, I am sure youw ill find something yummy to try!

Thanks for reading, and hope you share my blog!

Love to you all
Ali x

P.S keep an eye out for my monthly faves coming soon!!

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