Friday, 19 September 2014

Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Foundation Review

Hey everyone!!
Hope you are all fab today!
So, like all of us who love make up we are always looking for that perfect foundation, and lo and behold i thought i had found it!

Normally my skin would be oily t zone with dry patches, and an extremely dry nose, but with the increase in medication and new meds my skin had went very dry, so i really needed something more moisturising.
We were over in Selfridges in Birmingham while we visited family, and my well loved M.A.C counter was pretty busy and the girls didn't seem very interested, so Bobbi Brown was right beside it, and the girl was lovely. I told her all my concerns and she brought out a number of the ranges of foundations including the stick which I was happy to try but we soon realised it wasn't for me.
Then one of the other girls came over and suggested she tried the Extra Repair Foundation on me, I like the sound of repair i thought, so i was quite willing to try it. We matched my shade to porcelain as i am so fair i am nearly see through, and she cleansed and moisturised my skin, then proceeded to apply this, with one of their flat foundation brushes. The smell and texture was the first thing i noticed, the texture was like an amazing luxury night cream, and the smell was pretty clean and sterile smelling.
She done my whole face, and when i looked in the mirror i was pretty happy with the results, put it this way it wasn't showing any massive dry patches and had a nice dewy effect.
I wouldn't say it is a medium full coverage at all, more a light to medium. So i thought why not i will buy it and see how i go at home with it.
Off i went back to Ireland thinking i had got this fab product!!
When i first used it, I used it with the real techniques expert face brush, and i loved the way it went on. The only thing i will say is you really need to buff and work the product into the skin, to not have that masky feeling.

In terms of longevity, at the time of my very dry skin it was fab!
The only gripe I had is that it still clung to the dry patches around my nose. If any of you guys have any recommendations let me know!!

Overall here this morning its not overly bad on my face, but its not going to be my go to product, unless my skin changes again!
Excuse my eye, i really dont know what i done lol, i can assure you its not like that normally!!
My skin has since reverted back to the crazy oily tzone, dry patches and still the dry nose and slightly on my chin.
I used it on a night out last weekend, and decided to try and work it in with my fingers as suggested on a couple of other blogs, but my tzone hated it!
Back to MAC i go!
This really wouldn't be my choice for oily area as it just slides off, and doesn't work in well, but for my cheeks its perfect but It still sits on my nose badly.
Overall I do feel that for someone with really dry skin this could be the foundation you are looking for, but anyone with oily or looking a full coverage, i would steer clear.
So there you go, I am still on the hunt for the perfect foundation!
If any of you guys can help with my nose issue, please comment below
Love Ali x

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