Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Welcome to passionsandpreening

Hi everyone! So after too much procrastinating, I decided to create my own blog, and then passionsandpreening was born. The blog will be loosely based on beauty, plus size fashion, my mad life and everything that falls in between, so definitely a mixed bag! I need to say a special thanks to Dave Lackie who is the editor of online beauty magazine Beauty the Guide. He has been the one to motivate me to get writing, and for this I will never thank him enough. I am not a writer or make up artist, and I don't claim to be, I just adore beauty, make up and I wanted somewhere to do some reviews, rants and everything else If there is anything in particular you guys would like to see including tutorials, advice etc just leave a wee comment and I will be only to happy to do it! Any of the product reviews I will be doing, will be unbiased and if I ever get to a stage I am paid for reviews, these will also be unbiased and will always be honest, but I will always make it clear if this is the case. So I will go have a nosey round the mad world of blogging and see what I can make of it! You can follow me on my twitter @passionandpreen for lots of beauty tips and snippests of wisdom Thanks Ali xxxx

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