Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Review of M.A.C Snob Lipstick

Hi guys!!
So I was finding it difficult to decide what to do as my first blog post, would it be a review, a favourites, whats in my bag etc?
So as I was going through my make up bag, I glanced at this MAC Snob lipstick and a pang of disappointment came over me, and I knew I had to do this as my first real post.

I had heard so much about this shade, so many bloggers etc hailed it as MACs hero shade! I knew I needed to have it! So I swatched it in store and it seemed to be quite a nude pink colour, which is a shade I have very little of, so though great, this will be a fab addition to my growing collection.

I got it home and took it out of its pretty packaging and the colour looked very different in my light than it did in store, but I thought it will be grand just try it out!

I tried one  light coat of it, and it was pretty matte. I had expected this as it is a satin finish, but it still had a creamy feeling to it which was lovely and felt quite moisturising. It didn't emphasis any lines or dryness on my lips, which is something I battle with on a daily basis! The colour itself is very cool toned, with a purpley blue tone to it. To be honest, I felt a little bit like a Barbie doll, and I don't think the colour suited my very fair but highly coloured cheeks.
I remember reading somewhere when researching this colour before purchase that MAC described it once as a lady like shade, I can assure you on my pale skin it wasn't!

You can see in the swatch above on my hand that it doesn't come off as Barbie pink as it does on my lips. I have since mixed it with darker lipglosses to make it more wearable for day time. I know that the lipglass in this shade makes it very Barbie like, but this is something I would possibly think about for a summer night out if I had a little tan.
So overall I don't honestly think this would be a repurchase at all, so everyone I am still on the hunt for the perfect nude pink, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
So that's my first proper post done, any critiques etc would be fab.
Love to you all
Ali xx


  1. I was the same with MAC's Creme Cup, I was so disappointed. If you can find Essense anywhere their longlasting lipstick (black tube ) in Natural Beauty is lovely, my favourite nude actually :) lovely post!

  2. Oh will definitely have to look out for this!! Thanks for the comment,you are the first one!! X

  3. I haven't got any Mac lipsticks but I definitely do plan to dip my toes into the water soon. I always feel a bit overwhelmed with so many colours etc t choose from! Good luck with your blog, please do have a look at mine too! x (gailygumdrops.com)

  4. The amount of colours and finishes are crazy!Thanks loads I will head over and have a peek now. Thanks loads for the comment