Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Plus Size Fancy Dress, The good, the bad and the ugly!

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Hope you are all well today whatever you are all up to!
Decided to do a post today on plus size fancy dress, and the trials and tribulations i have encountered whilst trying to get something nice for my fab hubbys 30th birthday.
We are superhero obsessed in this house so I really wanted a superhero theme. I knew that from looking for my own 30th superhero would be so hard to find in plus size ie above the normal UK16. I went on to the normal sites, Ebay Amazon and some other websites that claimed to have plus size superheroes.
Now in my eyes, plus size is without a doubt higher than a size 16, but many of these sites classed costumes an xl as a 16.
A 16 in the UK is the national average, so saying it is an xl, to me what is this saying to young impressionable girls out there, who are constantly concerned about weight and appearance. There were other sites that classed an xl as a 20/22. To me this is crazy, how there can be such a difference in classification!
Okay little bit off track there, but this is a subject that grinds on me daily as a woman who is on a weight loss journey determined to succeed.
So lets get back to the costumes. I am by no means someone who is a frumpy dresser or someone who flaunts their rolls! , but it seems a lot of the plus size outfits are either so frumpy or something that shows far to much skin in my opinion. Now i am not saying that either option is correct, i fully endorse you should be confident in your skin and show as little or as much as you want, but in my opinion i like to leave a little to the imagination.
These images below show exactly what i mean, these both came from google, and i can assure you its not what i ended up ordering!

I couldnt find these in my size, which was gutting cause i think i would have made a hot superhero, so in the end up it was a toss up between a cowgirl or cleopatra, so i ordered the Cleopatra.

I actually cant describe how bad this outfit is, I honestly feel the bigger the size of a costume, the less thought on shape goes into it. See how in the picture the material flows nice over hips and waist, well in my costume it looked like i had an extra set of hips, highly unflattering!
So the hunt went on, I talked to hubby about it, and I said i hoenstly felt that i would be more comfortable as cat woman, to match his fab Batman! But again as we all know cat woman is a leather cat suit, and somehow i dont think the people of my wee town need to see that! So i have decided to get black skinny jeans, knee high boots, a black top and the mask and ears etc along with a long whip that she wears in Dark Knight Rises

This post has been a long winded one, but its a subject that has annoyed me so much, us big gorgeous ladies deserve to feel fab in fancy dress to!

Any gorgeous ladies or guys out there have issues with costumes etc, leave me a little comment below

Love to you all
Ali xxxx

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